Datum: September 2020 | Autor(en): Dorette Lochner

Best Practice Sharing:

How to make three full days of online training a great learning experience

We have facilitated leadership trainings in blended formats for quite some time. Yet due to that Corona virus, we have dared to convert F2F trainings completely into online, offering full three days remotely.

And yes, it worked. And, believe it or not, it has started to be fun. Feedback was really positive. Everybody stayed focused and involved even on the third day.


Curious to know, what did the trick?

I have asked Eva, Sabine, Mark and Georg, the trainer team involved. Here is what they answered:

  1. Take regular short breaks (3-5 minutes per hour) in addition to scheduled coffee breaks. Facilitate energizers like stretching. Ensure, that body AND mind are activated.

  2. Foster mindfulness. Encourage participants to use the breaks to move around and get some fresh air. Remind them that this is their time and they should focus on their needs and whatever helps them to concentrate on their learning. Help them to reflect on whether they really want to be available to their colleagues during the breaks. Do they all have their out-of-office reply activated?

  3. Whenever appropriate and possible, get the participants to work away from their screens. For reflection exercises use pen and paper, for exchanges in pairs instruct them to pick up the phone (and maybe take a walk).

  4. Boost their creativity. When preparing a visualization to share, ask them to create a 3D model using whatever they can find around themselves. Participants create wonderful models of objects they have at their home offices!

  5. Use a variety of methods and media. Change speaker, pace, tone, distance to your camera, groupwork constellations and more. Ask direct questions and mention participants by name when referring to earlier questions, comments or cases.

  6. Enjoy and keep humour! 


Our conclusion:

No doubt it is also a good option to run online training in a sequence of shorter modules. Nevertheless, we can say: it works well and allows an exceptionally intense experience to have a group of learners for full two or three days online. Participants can totally focus on the training topic. They emotionally engage and immerse into their personal growth to a degree that comes close to that of F2F training.

This is a rewarding experience for us as soft skill trainers.