Date: April 2019 | Autho(s): Detlef Schröter

FLAG facilitates social media boot camp

Being well connected is becoming an increasingly important part of forging a successful career, particularly in the innovative setting of a major technology company. But what’s the best way to get credible, trustworthy input on the opportunities offered by more social networking? Ideally, by coming together in the relaxed setting of a casual, informal event!

Framed as an inspiring series of boot camps, participants get the chance not only to share skills and success stories, but also to initiate ideas and partnerships for their own social networking activities.

Detlef Schröter from FLAG is already looking forward to the next opportunity to facilitate this one-day event in the informal and inspiring style that has gained such a positive response in the past. Whatever the name might suggest, this is not an army fitness session designed to make you sweat! Instead, it is a stimulating event that focuses on opportunities for solution-oriented support through worldwide networking.

The programme comprises four sessions that tackle skills, best practices, internal media and external media. Participants can choose to attend three of these four sessions. Facilitated sessions between each module gives participants the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned so far, deal with any concerns and develop joint ideas on creating their own online activities.
The first social media boot camps drew a tremendous response, and more sessions are already in the pipeline!
A group post from the boot camp attracted an unexpected number of responses and congratulations before the day had even come to an end! This both impressed and inspired many of the participants:

“I got so many new ideas today. They will help me find faster and more efficient ways of boosting the success of the issues I deal with on the company network.”

“Initially, I was fairly sceptical about whether it was worth attending, but what I found today was a whole new spirit of social networking.”

“It’s a great way to get to know like-minded people from your own company and beyond and find out more about their experiences and solutions.”