Our Virtual competence

Virtual collaboration and managing employees remotely has become the “new normal” at a wide range of companies. Many employees now participate in online discussions or virtual meetings once a day or more.

It is crucial to make sure these interactions are both productive and meaningful over the long term. This requires not only outstanding technology and technical skills, but also social skills and leadership skills in virtual environments.
These skills include ...

  • the ability to establish and nurture positive relationships remotely,
  • understanding and applying a code of conduct in online meetings,
  • the ability to manage and guide virtual cooperation among multiple participants,
  • a constructive and results-driven attitude towards conducting challenging discussions online, and
  • an active and efficient approach to creating touchpoint experiences remotely.

When it comes to improving your managers’ and employees’ interpersonal skills, the context in which they communicate is important. If much of their communication will be happening online, then it makes sense to present and train communication and leadership skills online, too. That’s why we have long offered a series of blended learning programs and regularly organise remote training sessions and workshops for our customers.

Here are just some of the programs we offer in virtual training environments:

  • My leadership style – situational and transformational leadership
  • Management by objectives in the VUCA world – working with goals in agile environments
  • Leading and motivating teams effectively – the different phases of team development
  • Collaboration in the virtual world – facilitating virtual teams
  • Virtual leadership – how to manage individual team members and entire teams
  • Identifying potential – diagnostic skills for managers
  • Interview training – the professional way to interview applicants
  • Resilience – helping teams and individuals to cope in turbulent times
  • Personal empowerment – the keys to personal effectiveness and a growth mindset
  • Cross-cultural communication and collaboration
  • Virtual peer consultation


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