Goal agreement 4.0

Management by objectives in the VUCA world

 “Right now, we’re just trying to keep our eyes on the road and react to events as fast as we can – goals just aren’t important anymore!” This sense of resignation is typically based on people’s realisation that the traditional leadership strategy of top-down goals is simply no longer effective. Once regarded as an established method that offered proven results, top-down goal setting is no longer fit for purpose in a future of self-organised and agile work.

So does that mean goals themselves are no longer an important part of building a successful business with motivated employees? Absolutely not! It simply means that we need to think about and experience goals differently, taking an approach that better reflects current challenges and the shift towards “new work”. 

That’s where we can help. Our online workshop on goal agreement delivers the solutions you need, clearly presented in the form of shared expertise and experience, practical tips and interactive methods.

Covering four thematic areas that can be combined as required, the workshop is available in two different formats:

  • Learning Espresso, 3.0 hours, suitable for a maximum of 20 participants
  • Compact Training, 2x 3,0 hours, suitable for 4-12 participants

Learning goals for participants:

  • To reflect on the relevance of goals in a changing business world
  • To lend meaning to your organisation’s goals and gain the support of employees
  • To get employees and teams motivated and involved in the roll-out of your company’s goals
  • To formulate goals based exclusively on SMART criteria in order to increase transparency
  • To successfully put into practice a no-blame feedback culture
  • To successfully manage goals in a VUCA environment and agile settings


Thematic area 1: Motivation and policy deployment in a changing world

  • The WHY builds emotional engagement (Simon Sinek)
  • Definition of key terms: mission, vision, goals and tasks
  • Meaning, motivation and flow (D. Pink, M. Csikszentmihalyi)
  • Paradigm shift in goal culture, building team motivation for goals
  • Policy deployment as an open communication process
  • Policy deployment in virtual collaboration

Thematic area 2: The right mix of goals – and the right approach to setting them

  • Goal setting: top-down and bottom-up
  • Three types of goals we need to succeed
  • Portfolios of goals with or without the balanced scorecard (BSC)
  • How goals contribute towards innovation and development
  • Goals, tasks and measures
  • The art of formulating goals based on SMART criteria
  • Encouraging a stronger commitment to goals

Thematic area 3: The new spirit of goal striving

  • Missed opportunities for day-to-day goal striving
  • Situational leadership and goal striving (Hersey & Blanchard)
  • Goal striving within the mindset of “positive leadership”
  • Goal attainment and successful implementation of a no-blame culture
  • The OKR method in dynamic and agile environments
  • Methods of virtual/online goal striving

Thematic area 4: Working with goals in the VUCA world

  • Practical VUCA experiences in day-to-day work
  • The different role of goals in VUCA environments
  • The CODE mindset when dealing with flexible goals
  • The Cynefin framework: traditional or agile methods
  • Confidence and trust in virtual working with goals


  • Inspiring theoretical input and models that bring learning to life
  • Comparison between target and actual performance in participants’ own goal processes
  • Short periods of reflection and exercises in breakout groups
  • Time to think: checklists and questions to reflect on

  • Pairwork: interviewing a partner on the phone while taking a walk
  • Simulations and exercises based on situations from participants’ own day-to-day work
  • Peer consultation and feedback (from colleagues and the trainer)
  • Planning how participants will transfer the learning into their own work (with goals)


Our espresso-format and compact learning events are aimed at executives, project managers and experts who wish to succeed in achieving their goals in collaboration with others.

We deliver near-the-job training by working with specific goals from participants’ day-to-day work.

We also offer a special version of our “Goal agreement 4.0” learning event for employees and teams which focuses on “Greater motivation and accountability in dealing with goals”.