Making change successful

Leading employees through change

Providing effective leadership in change situations is one of the biggest challenges managers face. This is especially true in today’s world, where more and more employees are working from home and available almost exclusively online.

Managers are confronted with a series of tricky questions: How does my organisation expect me to act in this situation? What steps can I take to motivate my employees to embrace change? How and when should I communicate changes? How should I handle all the different emotions that change can trigger? This online course aims to examine questions like these and introduce specific tools to address them. By practising using these tools during the course, participants will be better prepared to lead employees through change in the future.

Successfully managing change in an organisation requires managers to communicate clearly and credibly and use effective conflict management skills.


This training is available in the following tried-and-tested online formats:

  • Compact Training, 8 hours in total, 4 - 12 participants
  • DeepDive, approx. 16 hours in total, 4 - 12 participants

Learning goals for participants:

  • To acquire the personal sense of stability you need to tackle change
  • To identify the best ways of guiding employees and helping them improve and maintain their own effectiveness
  • To get a good balance between supervision and relying on employees’ personal responsibility
  • To nurture online relationships and provide effective remote leadership
  • To provide personal and emotional support to your team and lead them through a successful change process


  • The role of managers and leaders in change
  • The importance of communication and recognition
  • How to communicate change appropriately
  • Phases in how people experience and navigate change (Four Rooms of Change)
  • Leading employees through change (the Change Curve)
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Resisting the pressure of the “sandwich position” occupied by middle management
  • Harnessing change as a learning process

Training Methods:

  • Short theoretical sessions to provide key input
  • Breakout groups for shared reflection
  • Discussion of participants’ own experiences in the workplace
  • Workshop sessions with peer group supervision


However your organisation is currently experiencing change, we can tailor this online training course to meet your specific needs.

We also offer online sessions to support members of your organisation who are currently dealing with change.