Online peer consultation

Best practice – working together to find solutions

Many teams and organisational units rely on peer consultation as a proven and established method of providing mutual professional support. They know how effective it can be in helping colleagues to deal with challenging situations and tasks at work. Peer consultation offers an excellent means of sharing best practice exactly when it is most needed.

This is especially true in today’s world of physical distancing where so many people are holding meetings online and working from home. Right now, it is more important than ever to embrace the powerful advantages and opportunities that mutual support has been shown to deliver.

By offering peer consultation in an online format, we provide access to a proven platform designed to help people help themselves. Our experienced facilitators are on hand to help participants work together to find the best-fit solution for each case presented to the group.


Online workshop for 6 - 12 participants
Approx. 2 hours, performance of a peer consultation process including reflection on methods used

Learning goals for participants:

  • To learn the differences between face-to-face and online formats of peer consultation:
    what can we achieve through online peer consultation?
  • To create the right technical and visual environment for the online meeting
  • To experience online peer consultation and support a case presenter
  • To reflect on the requirements and methodological framework
  • To gain the ability to successfully perform an online peer consultation on your own


  • The internal structure of peer consultation, structural aids for facilitators
  • Facilitating online events – creating and maintaining trust
  • Encouraging interaction and participation and maintaining contact
  • Consultant scenarios for the concerns and goals of different case presenters
  • How to ask open questions that lead to solutions; visualisation and creativity techniques
  • Round-up and ideas on how to continue building on what has already been learned

Training methods:

  • Demonstration and performance of online peer consultation: participants can incorporate issues of their own where they feel peer consultation could be useful.
  • We can work on whichever online platform you prefer, including Adobe Connect, ZOOM, Webex, Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams, TriCAT/AULA and various other platforms.

This online workshop has proved to be a highly effective option, not least because we tailor it to the current challenges facing teams and peers within each specific organisation.

We also offer a professionally facilitated series of workshops consisting of multiple peer consultations in a defined cycle. The participant group can remain closed during this period of time or be expanded to include new and additional participants who are keen to get involved. In groups that allow new members to join, we ensure trust is established quickly.