Staying happy and healthy even when times get tough

So much has changed over the past few months. The emergence of COVID-19 has forced us to face new challenges, rethink old approaches and take courageous steps to confront difficult situations.

In these tough times, we need steady nerves, the right support to keep us motivated, and the strength to cope with increased stress and pressure in many areas of our lives.

That's why the ability to build and deepen resilience is becoming more important than ever. We can all find encouragement in one of the key findings of resilience research:

RESILIENCE is something we can learn!

And this applies to employees and managers alike.

Nevertheless, managers’ roles and responsibilities are particularly significant in this context. In times of uncertainty and rapid transformation, it is more important than ever to focus on keeping ourselves mentally agile, emotionally resilient and physically healthy. Resilient managers act as multipliers and enablers, helping their teams and organisation to succeed even when times get tough.

Our online resilience training is an excellent opportunity for your employees and managers to increase their own resilience and develop resilience as a team.


Our resilience training is available in the following tried-and-tested online formats:

  • Learning Espresso, approx. 2.5 hours, flexible number of participants
  • Compact Training, 2 x 4 hours, 6 - 12 participants
  • DeepDive, approx. 4 x 4 hours in total, 6 - 12 participants


Learning goals for participants:

  • To understand what resilience means and how important it is
  • To be able to explain the basic factors required to maintain a happy,
    healthy and contented life and explain how these are connected
  • To use this knowledge to improve your own resilience
  • To learn methods that anyone can use to train their own resilience
  • To develop mental strength and the ability to act calmly
  • To learn how to foster resilience within a team and an organisation
  • To also apply resilience skills when working from home


  • The links between resilience, stress and burnout
  • A focus on three different levels that influence each other
  • individual resilience
  • team resilience
  • organisational resilience
  • Test your personal resilience
  • Empirical factors that can build resilience
  • Prevention: physical, psychological and social
  • Harnessing elements of resilience in training
  • Behaviour, attitude, mindset – responding flexibly to different situations
  • Fear creates stress and is part of the problem – address it, don’t suppress it
  • Achieving success with the WOOP method


  • Learning Espresso: Boost your awareness of resilience issues, acquire a clear overview and gain the impetus to take action
  • Compact Training: Learn more about the importance of resilience issues, take on board sound theoretical principles, harness opportunities for intense self-reflection, develop new capabilities for improving resilience
  • DeepDive: Acquire broad-based expertise in resilience issues, develop new behaviours and routines, benefit from individual feedback, apply new skills to your own field of work

We can also tailor our resilience-based workshops and other learning events to your specific needs and run them in a way that meets your individual goals.