Collaboration and team building

What does a team need to be successful?

To quote the words of former elite athlete Steffen Kirchner: “People who work with each other add their potential. People who work for each other multiply their potential!”

Winning teams have developed a sense of belonging together and a respectful way of dealing with each other. They thrive on clear parameters and transparent leadership with plenty of scope to organise themselves as they see fit. Success tends to be based on a meaningful task that adds real value. This applies to all teams, however they are organised – whether hierarchical, cross-functional, project-based, interdisciplinary, agile, virtual and/or intercultural. Successful teams put principles such as trust, communication and transparency into practice and exhibit a genuine can-do spirit.

What’s the secret to creating a high performance team?

Positive team building and constructive collaboration require successful mastery of both the practical and relationship aspects of a team. Key developmental steps in this growth process include:

  • reaching a shared understanding of the roles and responsibilities in the team
  • fostering a balance between the team’s interests and each individual’s interests
  • demonstrating a willingness to engage in dialogue and be mindful of oneself and of others
  • fostering problem-solving expertise, creativity and goal orientation
  • ensuring that tasks are distributed fairly according to people’s abilities, preferences and the time they have available

We offer both theoretical and practical support

There are plenty of opportunities to step back and assess how a team is functioning:

  • restructuring or reorganisation
  • change of leadership
  • unresolved conflicts that are causing discord
  • evolving market conditions that require more agile structures or other changes

Obviously, we are also ready and willing to take your team to the giddy heights of a high ropes course – but only if it serves your development goals. In the initial stages, we take a much more down-to-earth approach to assist you in analysing the status quo.

Our experienced team coaches support you and your team with both the theoretical and practical aspects of team building. We can input the academic and methodological foundations of teamwork and create exciting, hands-on team experiences in a range of different formats. We place particular emphasis on supporting participants’ personal development and helping them transfer learning from the workshop setting to their everyday work environments.