Conflict management and mediation

Unresolved conflicts make a real impact

Conflicts are part of everyday life. We experience them with customers and suppliers, with our superiors or within teams – and even during training and coaching interventions. However unpleasant they may feel to most of us, conflicts are a necessary part of the development process for both people and organisations. Unresolved conflicts absorb a tremendous amount of energy and lead to inefficiencies that can trigger significant costs.

There are plenty of data that confirm the scale of the problem:

  • People spend between 10 and 15 percent of their time at work handling conflict situations, and absenteeism resulting from bullying and fear of conflict costs companies somewhere in the region of 30 billion euros a year.
  • The costs of staff turnover, severance payments and healthcare related to this issue are even higher (Source: KPMG study on the cost of losses caused by conflict-based inefficiencies in industrial enterprises, “Reibungsverlusten in Industrieunternehmen”, 2009).

It is often difficult for those involved in a conflict to find the energy themselves to resolve it constructively. Our experience as mediators makes us a good choice to help deal with these situations.

Added value through mediation

Professional conflict management can help mitigate these costs. At the same time, effective conflict resolution offers an opportunity for further development.

Mediation is a structured process of self-determination in which the parties involved in a conflict work together with the help of a neutral mediator to find sustainable, mutually acceptable solutions. Advantages of working with us include:

  • guaranteed mediation
  • opportunities for participants to actively help shape the process
  • manageable costs
  • often enables the beneficial continuation of a fragile working relationship that might otherwise have failed

When does mediation make sense?

We will arrange a confidential preliminary discussion with you to clarify which method is most suitable for your specific situation. Situations that can benefit from mediation include the following:

  • deadlocked discussions or negotiations
  • the need to find an agreement that enables both parties involved in the conflict to save face
  • the parties involved in the conflict want or need to maintain their relationship in the future
  • both sides are keen to avoid costly and protracted litigation
  • both parties are highly motivated to take responsibility for solving the conflict

With our interdisciplinary mediation skill sets and experience in leadership training, we can offer you the best method to deal with your particular situation. Please click on the “Projects“ tab to see some examples of our previous work in this area.