Organisational development

What does organisational development mean?

Whether you are introducing a new piece of software or reorganising a department, the aim is always the same: to boost your organisation’s performance. Organisational development means supporting the changes and adjustments to a company that are driven by the market, by people, by technology or by strategic concerns. Change triggers a wide range of emotions and responses in people, ranging from resignation – or even resistance – to enthusiasm and increased motivation.

Added value of professional business consulting

Getting professionals on board to help you navigate the waters of organisational development offers real benefits. As well as highlighting key aspects of cultural change, it encourages managers and employees to input their skills and concerns on an equal footing and helps put the company on a sustainable path to its desired destination.

We see our role in this development process as similar to that of a catalyst. We ensure that people’s concerns and fears are taken seriously so that the required changes enjoy both acceptance and support. We also give a boost to the bearers and drivers of change so that their energy can take effect in the change process.

The FLAG approach

The first job is to make sure our assignment is crystal clear. That means asking the right questions – and finding the right answers:

  • What is the motivation behind your desire for change? How will you measure when that change has been achieved?
  • Who will be affected by the change? What’s the best way to involve the affected employees in the process?
  • How will you need to adapt and change your current corporate culture to ensure the change has a lasting effect? Who will need to embrace it – and who will need to set an example?

In our experience, there are three key aspects to ensuring that change has the desired effect:

  • Cultural change comes from the top – it must be prompted by executive management.
  • Soft factors can smooth the way forward or put sand in the gearbox – so we keep a close eye on them at all times.
  • We consciously take a “fragmented” approach by starting with individual examples, because word of positive experiences spreads quickly. Success breeds “fast followers”, and soon everyone will want to be part of the positive developments.

To return to the comparison we made above, a catalyst lowers the temperature at which a process takes place – and in the context of organisational development that means helping change to take effect faster. Genuine added value can only be created through integration and interaction within the system as a whole, so we place a key emphasis on regular meet-ups and retrospectives with everyone involved in the project.

Our consultants understand how key systems work and have years of experience in a wealth of different industries – and that means we can guarantee the tailor-made support you need to make your development projects a success. Please click on the “Projects“ tab to see some examples of our previous work in this area. We look forward to hearing from you!