Recruitment market

Today’s labour market challenges are frequently in the headlines. Recent surveys suggest that over 90 percent of German companies struggle to fill vacancies with suitably qualified candidates – so chances are that your company might also finding it difficult to recruit the right people.
A combination of digitalisation, demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers has led to a radical transformation of the underlying conditions in the recruitment market. The only way to address this is by rethinking our approach to recruitment and taking the whole process to a more professional level.

Tracking down the right candidates 1

At times when skilled workers are in short supply, companies cannot simply expect the right candidate to turn up on their doorstep. The key to finding the best candidates is active sourcing, which involves finding answers to the following key questions:

  • Where are we likely to find suitable candidates?
  • How can we reach them?
  • What kind of job package would appeal to our ideal candidate?

Tracking down the right candidates 2

More than ever, the success of the recruitment process depends on the candidate experience – in other words, the impression made on the candidate at all the different stages of the application process. Today’s candidates are not just looking for innovative application tools and professional interviews, but also a rapid response and a sense of consistency and integrity, as well as a clear and coherent impression of the employer’s USP.

Acquiring and retaining talent

The best recruitment processes include a successful onboarding strategy. Hiring an applicant is an expensive and time-consuming business, so once the vacancy has been filled, it is important to integrate the new recruit properly into the company’s organisational structure and corporate culture. From welcome packages to learning buddies, we have a wealth of ideas that can help you arrange the perfect induction process, allowing you to quickly make the most of your new recruits’ talents.

Our experts can give you the professional support you need to

  • define your employer brand
  • carry out interview training for different target groups (HR/hiring teams, etc.)
  • design and deliver assessment centres
  • come up with a creative, tailor-made design for your onboarding processes