Talent management

Searching for superstars

Talent scouts are normally something we associate with sport – the idea of an expert diligently tracking young athletes’ progress to identify the superstars of the future.  But the notion of spotting talent early on is something that fascinates people in every walk of life, as evidenced by the impressive viewing figures for TV shows that seek to find the next big thing in the world of music or fashion.

But do companies really only need the very best?

Aside from the questionable selection criteria these talent shows tend to apply, perhaps their most striking feature is the fact that there is just ONE winner, and many losers. So much talent is simply left by the wayside. In contrast, we believe that every single one of your employees has enough knowledge and skills to make a valuable contribution towards your company’s success – assuming, of course, that their talent is identified, fostered and applied where it is most effective.

Who is responsible for talent management in your company?

At the end of the day, everybody is! Talent management only works when everyone involved helps shape the process:

  • employees, because they are the only ones who truly know what they need and what motivates them;
  • managers, by putting the right framework in place to help people realise their full potential;
  • the HR department, by pinpointing the right development pathways and diagnostic tools;
  • and the management board, because development requires a corporate strategy that promotes clarity and transparency.

Everyone benefits

Talent management is about acquiring, identifying, retaining and developing talent. Professional talent management boosts productivity in a company by ensuring that people are applying their energy and passion to the right things.

We offer a range of services to support you in this process, including:

  • mapping out career paths,
  • performing analyses to identify people’s potential,
  • drawing up diagnostic reports,
  • coaching managers in their role as talent scouts,
  • and developing and implementing tailor-made employee development tools.

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