Change - Paradigm shift in Performance Management


Project 1: SME with 25,000 employees in the pharmaceutical industry

Project 2: Large corporation with 400,000 employees in the engineering and automotive industry

Project 3: SME with 20,000 employees in the plastics industry

Customer’s goals
  • To replace the previous system of performance management and incentives
  • To consistently link the variable components of remuneration to business performance
  • To agree on clear goals for top management
  • To ensure all relevant performance indicators and results are presented in a balanced way
  • To make these changes within the limits of the existing budget
Our contribution
  • Advised management and HR on how to structure the bonus system
  • Designed a workshop strategy involving all affected managers worldwide
    • Communicated the reasonableness of the new bonus system
    • Provided training on the new goal agreement and feedback sessions
  • Carried out workshops in Germany, Europe, the US, China and Singapore
  • Top management understood and accepted the new system
  • Improved knowledge of tools for motivated implementation of goal agreements
  • Excellent feedback on workshops
  • Rollout executed smoothly worldwide within the scheduled timeframe


We would like to express our thanks to all the managers involved for their openness and willingness to take part in controversial debates and the successful implementation of the new goal agreement systems!

We also thank our partner CLS for the opportunity to manage the third mentioned project -

Capabilities demonstrated by FLAG in this project:

  • Knowledge of and familiarity with bonus systems and goal development processes
  • Ability to help overcome resistance when dealing with emotional topics
  • Credible approach to opportunities and risks
  • Encouragement of courageous change with a positive overall perspective