Digitalisation of HR processes


FLAG has spent many years assisting a major international company with its leadership tools for goal agreement, performance evaluation, employee development and competence management. In 2014, the company embarked on a far-reaching project to deploy these tools worldwide on a standardised digital HR development platform:

  • Documentation and tracking of annual performance appraisals
  • Enhanced transparency and new opportunities for employees to get involved
  • Comprehensive features allowing employees to organise and plan their own activities
  • Administration and booking of all training interventions
  • Reports and assessments for managers and HR
The customer’s goals
  • To gain employees’ acceptance of the digitalisation of HR processes
  • To encourage a positive attitude towards the new level of process transparency
  • To motivate people to make active use of the digital systems
  • To ensure all users know how to operate the platform properly
Our contribution
  • Project team consisting of five FLAG experts
  • Developed realistic examples of how to use the training platform
  • Organised major events to introduce changes to all levels of the workforce
  • Performed training interventions to help managers make more extensive use of the new system
  • Provided flexible training formats for HR and employee representatives
  • FLAG supported more than 16 locations in Germany with the launch of the new system
  • FLAG facilitated 50 large-scale events with up to 300 employees in attendance
  • More than 30 training interventions conducted on the online platform for all levels of management
  • Developed train-the-trainer concepts for the international rollout
  • Launch of the new system completed smoothly with high levels of acceptance among everyone involved
  • Employees appreciate the benefits of improved transparency
  • Employees understand and make use of the new self-service features on the platform
  • Roll-out across Germany completed on schedule within nine months
  • Digital platform deployed successfully worldwide


Many thanks to all the departments involved for the confidence you showed in the strategies and events we deployed to establish the new digital tool within your organisation!


Capabilities demonstrated by FLAG in this project:

  • Conceptual design of F2F and virtual formats
  • Appropriate strategies for all target groups
  • Highly motivating large-scale events
  • Exciting, agile training formats that reflect real-life scenarios
  • Facilitated interventions to overcome resistance
  • Ability to handle large volumes of work