Implementation of mentoring within the organisation


Customer 1: Production site in Turkey with approximately 3,000 employees (metalworking industry)

Customer 2: SME with approximately 9,000 employees (security industry)

Customer 3: SME in Switzerland with approximately 900 employees (real estate sector)


This project involved experienced managers acting as mentors to various target groups, providing regular support to help them develop their capabilities, become more confident in their roles, quickly gain an understanding of the business and boost their sense of loyalty to the company.  

Customer’s goals
  • To quickly develop junior managers in a growing organisation
  • To successfully integrate managers recruited from outside the company
  • To ensure optimum transfer of learning from an intensive training intervention and to increase participants’ sense of loyalty to the organisation
Our contribution
  • Advice on the design of the overall programme
  • Kick-off workshop at project launch and support in matching up mentors and mentees
  • Mentor qualifications (German and international)
  • Tailored supervision and follow-up measures in a blended format
  • Participants showed commitment to and great satisfaction with the training intervention
  • Tailor-made learning drawn from and reapplied to real-life practice
  • Organisation has benefited from interactions across hierarchical levels because mentors also learn from their mentees
  • Developing internal resources cuts costs and helps build a corporate culture


Many thanks to our customer for getting us involved in these important and meaningful projects!


Capabilities demonstrated by FLAG in this project:

  • Prudent and competent advice on designing and communicating the projects
  • Qualifications for mentors based on real-life applications
  • Pragmatic, lean project design