Post-merger integration with relocation of jobs


FLAG was commissioned to provide support to an international SME involved in a corporate acquisition. The intention was to integrate one of the divisions in the acquiring company, with the result that some jobs would be relocated. Difficulties arose during attempts to integrate the division, so the company embarked on an integration process designed to retain know-how and maintain performance in order to achieve the strategic goals that had prompted the acquisition.

  • Boost the self-confidence of the employees who need to be integrated in the new company
  • Identify core competencies
  • Boost transparency of the factors that lead to success
  • Raise awareness of people’s own work culture
The customer’s goals
  • To increase employees’ acceptance of the integration
  • To promote a positive attitude towards their new employer
  • To define and implement standardised processes together
  • To avoid frustration and hidden feelings of resignation
Our contribution
  • Workshops prior to the relocation: space for emotions, looking back on successes
  • Defined factors for success and helped shape the integration process
  • Generated transparency and acceptance for key processes
  • Coached key figures in the integration process
  • Post-merger integration workshop with new division manager
  • The integration ran successfully and the ambitious targets were met
  • Everyone involved has developed a good level of motivation and a sense of belonging
  • Employees and management felt well prepared, no staff turnover
  • Staff rapidly felt comfortable with the new situation thanks to high levels of appreciation in their new environment


Many thanks to our customer for this inspiring collaboration and our joint efforts to achieve successful integration!


Capabilities demonstrated by FLAG in this project:

  • Expertise in designing strategies for integration processes
  • Participative, hands-on workshop formats
  • Coaching to resolve conflict situations
  • Facilitated interventions to overcome resistance