Support and advice on putting a leadership charter into practice


An analysis service provider with 250 laboratories worldwide and approximately 25,000 employees was keen to develop a common mission statement to address management and cooperation issues within the company. The company was posting steady growth and regularly incorporating new laboratories. The target groups were all the company’s management levels, from the Board and division ranks to department heads and group managers.

The customer’s goals
  • To develop a common leadership culture which would gain acceptance among the workforce
  • To implement a standardised leadership charter to define specific conduct
  • To rapidly integrate newly acquired laboratories into the new corporate culture
  • To ensure that laboratories that were previously owner-managed quickly acquire a sense of belonging to the new umbrella organisation
  • To make leadership more professional and achieve high employee satisfaction
Our contribution
  • In-depth analysis of the customer’s needs and development of leadership principles
  • Designed a communication and training concept entitled “Putting the leadership charter into practice”
  • Participative workshops for all levels of management in Germany
  • Organised appropriate training modules for small groups of managers to help them transfer learning into practice
  • Honest feedback on the opportunities and challenges facing the new organisation
  • High levels of participant satisfaction in workshops and training interventions
  • Rapid resolution of scepticism and resistance when integrating new laboratories
  • A shared understanding of leadership and cooperation
  • Excellent transfer of learning into individual, everyday leadership behaviour
  • Subsequently commissioned to assess the potential of the new executive level


Many thanks to all the levels of management for having the courage to change and for embarking on a successful journey together!


Capabilities demonstrated by FLAG in this project:

  • Many years of experience with leadership cultures in a variety of companies
  • Experience with the process of developing and implementing leadership principles
  • Design and facilitation of participative workshop concepts
  • Coaching skills for managers who are facing new challenges