Resilience for employees and managers


A medium-sized enterprise in the field of plastics processing with ca. 15,000 employees worldwide wished to stabilise and improve the health of its staff.

As a first step the topic of resilience was to be introduced as part of an internal training programme for key players. A decision was then to be taken as to whether or not to offer such a programme to all employees.

The customer’s goals
  • To create awareness of the value of good health
  • To identify and change those attitudes that have a negative impact upon how people look after their own health
  • To identify particularly stressful situations and learn how to overcome these
  • To find concrete ways of increasing resilience through new routines and exercises
Our contribution
  • Creation of a Resilience module within an existing training programme
  • Development of a one-day event to introduce simple key topics, examples and exercises
  • Opportunities to reflect on and assess one’s own resilience level
  • Offers of specific support towards increasing individual resilience
  • The participants were grateful for the opportunity to learn about resilience; they appreciated the fact that such a personal topic could be discussed freely in a group of peers (there was a considerable degree of trust and openness at all times)
  • Several people recognized that their own health was at risk and were glad to receive advice on what to do
  • The topic was addressed to employees in two forms:
    • a general training for all employees
    • a training for managers who were keen to learn how they could assess and address their employees’ well-being, whilst helping them to look after their own health and increase their resilience.

Many thanks to our client for being so open and for having the courage to address this topic directly; this was a crucial step towards dealing with the issue in depth and reflecting on its value.

Thanks too to our cooperation partner CLS plc. for giving us this opportunity -