Talent development programme


FLAG has spent many years training new executive recruits and junior managers at a major international company in Germany and at many of its subsidiaries abroad. We completely overhauled this junior management training programme in 2016-17 to add the customer’s new requirements for its technical staff and managers and to incorporate the very latest learning formats and materials.

The customer commissioned FLAG to design and pilot the new learning events for its managers and to train local trainers worldwide. The resulting all-round programme includes an extensive architecture designed to safeguard learning and knowledge transfer. It also features a learning facilitator and an accompanying peer group concept with transfer coach.

The customer’s goals
  • To apply a modular design that reflects the company’s diverse requirements regarding expertise and leadership
  • To integrate new stimuli for topics such as agile working and leadership 4.0
  • To give a new generation of young talent an even greater ability to organise their own work and take the initiative
  • To focus on monitoring the success of learning outcomes and ensuring effective learning transfer
  • To gain worldwide acceptance of the programme and ensure it is implemented in a culturally sensitive manner
Our contribution
  • Designed a flexible series of learning modules with interlinked content (blended learning)
  • Created all the materials, including trainer guides, descriptions of activities, presentations, documentation, participant platform and role descriptions
  • Piloted the modules and executed them on a regular basis while supervising the concept as a whole
  • Designed and executed train-the-trainer workshops worldwide (F2F, virtual)
  • Successful development and implementation of the training programme within a strict timeframe
  • Structured CI process with feedback sessions during the pilot and implementation phases
  • Worldwide acceptance of the training programme by HR and management
  • Learning modules readily accepted by a self-confident generation of high potentials
  • Ongoing development of individual modules and topics as HR qualification modules


We would like to thank our customer for the confidence they placed in us and for everything we achieved together. It was a truly enjoyable experience!


Capabilities demonstrated by FLAG in this project:

  • Many years of experience in leadership, collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Genuine relevance to people’s everyday work thanks to regular incorporation of participants’ real-life case studies
  • Agile and interactive development process in collaboration with the customer
  • Cooperation between FLAG’s teams of experts and internal topic owners, HR and service providers
  • Team spirit and a strong, open feedback culture as the key to shared success
  • Sufficient capacity at FLAG to ensure rapid roll-out and implementation of the training programme